Corporate Pharma tech jobs in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Corporate Pharma tech jobs in the Pharmaceutical Industry

As earlier we talked about the vivid career options in the pharma corporate industry, here I continue telling you more details about the same, in this blog i have brought to you an entire bunch of career options that you can choose to become after your B.Pharm or M.Pharm or Pharm.D courses.

These are the most unheard and secret career options that you might have never listened about during your entire B. Pharm degrees yet they exist and indeed pay much higher incomes compared to that of the conventional pharma industrial jobs such as manufacturing/QA/QC/F&D/R&D departments.

So if you want to build an extraordinary career in the Pharma industry;

You can opt for the following career opportunities in the pharma tech industry:

  1. Drug-safety scientist
  2. Clinical data scientist
  3. Medical writer
  4. Medical coder
  5. Pharmacovigilance scientist
  6. ICSR case processor
  7. Clinical trial case processor
  8. Literature case specialist
  9. Legal case processor
  10. E2B case processor
  11. SUSAR case coder
  12. ETMF specialist
  13. Signal Detection specialist
  14. Biostatistician
  15. SAS programmer


Stay tuned for more valuable information and career insights!