Pharmaceutical companies & Pharma tech jobs

Pharmaceutical companies & Pharma tech jobs

Are you still confused about searching for corporate jobs or pharma tech jobs in pharmaceutical companies?

Well, you will be very glad to know that, you don't only need to look at the core pharmaceutical industries but you can also find corporate jobs/ pharma tech jobs in the non-pharmaceutical companies that are the IT industries, the Tech giants, consultancies, BPOs. Yes, my dear friend, all these industries we just mentioned include options for a corporate job in the Pharmaceutical companies.

We will make it easier for you to understand the vast number of companies that you can apply to for corporate pharma jobs or pharma tech jobs, by making a detailed and classified list for you, so that at the same time you can realize how many options exist for you to switch your job!


Pharma tech jobs:


  • Tech-Giants
  1. TCS:
  2. Wipro:
  3. Accenture:
  4. Cognizant:
  5. Delloite:
  6. Oracle:


  • Core Pharmaceutical Companies
  1. Novartis:
  2. AstraZeneca:
  3. Pfizer:
  4. Roche:
  5. SunPharma:
  6. Zydus Cadila:
  7. Lupin:
  8. Cipla:
  9. Bayer:
  10. Biocon:
  11. Abbott:
  12. Glenmark:
  13. Piramal:
  14. Aurbindo:
  15. Emcure:


  • Core Pharmacovigilance Companies
  1. Paraxel:
  2. Pharmalex:
  3. Labcorp:
  4. Syneos Health:
  5. Quanticate:
  6. Clario:
  7. APCER:
  8. Xogene:
  9. Clarivate:
  10. Indegene:
  11. Covalent Pharma:
  12. Kinapse:
  13. IQVIA:
  14. Clinchoice:

We are bringing an extremely applicable short tenure training course for you, which will cover all the recruitment process rounds for a pharma tech job in the pharmaceutical companies, including:

  1. Technical Pharmacovigilance rounds
  2. GD PI
  3. HR rounds
  4. Practice interview sessions for each individual 

Along with that,

We have planned a detailed course with PHARMACOLOGY Advanced based on technical interview questions and PHARMACOVIGILANCE BASICS.


Stay tuned for more valuable information and career insights!