Pharmacovigilance Interview Questions Series-2.


Codersdaily brings you the most basic PV interview questions that you must be aware of before you enter any Pharmacovigilance placement drives. Below are questions & answers that will help you kick start your placement prep journey.

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Q1: What is MedDRA? 

Ans: MedDRA is a standardized medical terminology, published by the International Council for Harmonisation, used in particular for coding cases of adverse effects in clinical study reports and pharmacovigilance databases, and to facilitate searches in these databases.

Q2: What is the full form of MedDRA?

Ans: Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities.

Q3: What is MSSO?

Ans: MSSO: MedDRA Maintenance and Support Services Organisation, is the governing body of MedDRA.

Q4: What is the major purpose of MedDRA?

Ans: MedDRA is clinically validated, international medical terminology used for the classification of adverse drug reactions. MedDRA linking creates medically significant groups of reported terminologies for an accurate evaluation and analysis of clinical and safety data. MedDRA linking of terms improvises the consistency and understanding of safety signals and aggregates clinical data shared by academic, commercial, and regulatory authorities.

Q5: Which country has its own MedDRA? 

Ans: Japan.


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