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Pharmacovigilance Course in indore

Codersdaily is the best IT training institute in Indore providing training and placements in Pharmacovigilance. Codersdaily can help you upskill your technical knowledge in the fields of Pharmacovigilance with their offline/online training in Indore, Delhi, and Pan India. We help students learn things from scratch to an advanced level which helps them get job-ready and get their desired jobs in the industry.

Pharmacovigilance Course

Codersdaliy Pharmacovigilance Course is a tailor-made program for you to make or take your career in Pharmacovigilance to
  • Vetted curriculum by Industry experts
  • Live classes by Pharmacovigilance specialists
  • 1:1 mentorship from industry veterans
  • Live business scenario projects
  • Extensive Career support
  • Certification of training completion
  • Free placement support
  • Free Learning resource for life time

VIGISOLVO: 60 Day Placement Training program

Week 1: Basics of Pharmacology

Description: In the very first week itself we will start with Introduction and Goal settings regarding the desirable compensation and suitable work locations, followed by the beginning of technical knowledge essential to crack the Pharmacovigilance Job interviews.

  • Day 1: Introduction
  • Day 2: Goal Settings
  • Day 3: Scope of Pharmacovigilance
  • Day 4: Pharmacology basics & Significance in a PV job interview
  • Day 5: Classification of drugs
Week 2: Basics of Pharmacovigilance

Description: In the second week itself we will be digging deeper into the roots of pharmacology and understand the significance of how it led to the origin of Pharmacovigilance.

  • Day 1: Adverse drug reactions
  • Day 2: Classification of ADRs
  • Day 3: Basics of Pharmacovigilance
  • Day 4: History of Pharmacovigilance
  • Day 5: ADR reporting
Week 3: Advanced Knowledge of Pharmacovigilance

Description: It is the week where an understanding of Pharmacovigilance has been developed. Now it is time for learning the aspects of case processing and signal detection in order to understand what the companies expect out of you while providing you with a job description, covering the entire technical knowledge one requires in order to crack a PV job interview.

  • Day 1: Case processing overview
  • Day 2: Triaging of cases & Validity assessment
  • Day 3: MedDRA coding
  • Day 4: Labelling & Causality assessment
  • Day 5: Narrative writing
Week 4: The HR round!!

Description: Having done with the technical background so strong it is time to learn how to improve your communication and interpersonal skills in order to ace through the HR rounds as well, this week we begin with basic HR questions from salary expectations to all the interview tactics, from body language to telephonic interview gestures, preparing for every scenario.

  • Day 1: Communication skills
  • Day 2: How to Introduce yourself?
  • Day 3: Group discussion (Session I)
  • Day 4: Group discussion (Session II)
  • Day 5: Group discussion (Session III)
Week 5: Group Discussion

Description: Bringing another step closer towards a PV placement dream and excelling it from every arena ensuring you knock out all the rounds at once.

  • Day 1: Group discussion (Session IV)
  • Day 2: Group discussion (Session V)
  • Day 3: Preparing for personal interviews
  • Day 4: Body language, hand gestures, promptness
  • Day 5: Proactiveness
Week 6: Interview Skill Development

Description: Advanced interview preparations along with resume building, learning do’s and dont’s and also how to face the short-comings you face during an interview process.

  • Day 1: Telephonic interview gestures (Voice modulations)
  • Day 2: Skype call interviews (as per lockdown protocols)
  • Day 3: Introduction to Resume
  • Day 4: Resume-DO’s and DON'Ts
  • Day 5: Importance of Cover letter
Week 7: BUILD & DEFEND your Resume

Description: This is the week in which we will actually be focussing on every individual student in this classroom training helping them ‘BUILD’ and also learn to ‘DEFEND’ their resumes effectively in front of the recruiters.

  • Day 1: Fabricating a resume
  • Day 2: Fabricating a Cover Letter
  • Day 3: RESUME DISCUSSION (individually)
  • Day 4: RESUME DISCUSSION (individually)
  • Day 5: RESUME DISCUSSION (individually)
Week 8: Personal interviews for every individual

Description: As we approach to the finale week of our training program it is time to test the knowledge of our students in order to foresee any shortcoming in the technical/HR/resume/cover letter so that all the errors can be curbed before you actually appear for the interviews, leaving no boundaries or hurdles in the path of cracking you desirable jobs as well as compensations/LPAs.

  • Day 1: Personal interview (including technical & HR rounds)
  • Day 2: Personal interview (including technical & HR rounds)
  • Day 3: Personal interview (including technical & HR rounds)
  • Day 4: Analysis of shortcomings & Individual feedbacks
  • Day 5: Boosting Finale lecture by Subject matter experts