Introduction To Numpy

Welcome to Introduction to Numpy!

In this tutorial,  you will get to learn the most powerful Python Module, Numpy which allows us to work with the largest dataset based on numbers and help us get the real statistical insights into these vast datasets. Numpy is a python library used for working with arrays and it has functions for linear algebra, Fourier transforms, and matrices.

Why we use Numpy

  • In Python we use lists to use arrays, however, the list is slow to process.
  • Numpy provides array objects which is 50 times faster than lists.
  • Numpy array also provides a lot of supporting functions that make working with data a lot easier and less complex.
  • The reason why Numpy arrays are faster than traditional python list is that arrays are stored at one continuous place, unlike lists.
  • Numpy is partially written in python and most of the part is written in C/C++ as it has fast computing process.