• Python classes provide the functionality to bundle data and functionality together.
  • In python creating a new class creates a new object. Following the concept that everything in python is an object.
  • Python classes could also have methods to update their states and functionalities. In general, python functions are used as methods.
  • To define a class in python you just have to write the class keyword followed by the class name (class Calculator:).


class ClassName:
    a = 10
    return a
  • In the simplest form you can define a class like written above.
  • Simillar to function defination, a class defination should also be executed before they have any effect.


Defining a Class with Methods

Here we are defining a class calculator which will have multiple functions(methods).

class Calculator:             #class defination
    def sum(a, b):            #method1 to calculate sum of two numbers
        return a + b
    def subs(a, b):           #method2 to calculate subs traction of two numbers
        return a - b

    def multi(a, b):
        return a*b

    def divi(a, b):
        return a/b

a = 10
b = 50
out = Calculator.sum(a, b)     #object1

out1 = Calculator.subs(a, b)   #object2

out2 = Calculator.multi(a, b)  #object3

out3 = Calculator.divi(a, b)   #object4


  • Here in the above example we have created class with name Calculator.
  • In the class Calculator we have defined multiple methods to perform various functionalities.
  • In the last few lines of the code. Each class methods are called for eg, Calculator.sum(a, b).
  • Here each methods are called using there respective objects.