In this tutorial, we will learn about the BI term in Power BI.

About BI

BI refers to Business intelligence. It is basically a data-driven decision support system (DSS) that helps us to analyze and retrieve essential information from Data. It facilitates decision-making for company managers, corporate officers, and other users. 

Business intelligence is the term used to describe the programs, tools, and procedures used to gather, examine, integrate, and display business data. Better decision-making is supported by business intelligence. Executive information systems, reports, query tools, and briefing books are occasionally used interchangeably with business intelligence.

The following image depicts the benefits of Business Intelligence:

Successful Business Intelligence Examples – NIX United

Types of BI Tools:

There are large sets of data analysis tools that BI Integrates:

  • Mobile BI
  • Real-time BI
  • Operational BI
  • Open-source BI (OSBI)
  • Collaborative BI
  • Location intelligence (LI)
  • Software-as-a-service BI (SaaS BI)
  • Online analytical processing (OLAP)
  • Ad hoc analytics