Dashboards and Reports

Difference between Dashboards and Reports.

The terms Dashboards and Reports are used in Power BI so many times in the past tutorials. So, we are going to learn about the differences between these two. Although Dashboards are not available in Power BI Desktop however reports are.


Pages: Dashboards has only one page.

Pinning: Only visualizations from the current dashboard can be pinned to your other dashboards.

Data Sources: Each dashboard contains one or more reports and datasets.

Filtering: Dashboards can't filter.

Feature: Here one dashboard can be set as a featured one.

Alerts: It can't set alerts.

Subscribe: Dashboards can't be subscribed.

Note: If the visualizations in the reports are changed the pinned one in the dashboard will not update.


Pages: It has one or more than one page.

Pinning: Any of the dashboards can have visuals attached to them. Additionally, you can pin complete report pages to any dashboard.

Data Sources: Single dataset per report.

Filtering: It can filter, And there are many to filter & slice.

Feature: A feature report cannot be created.

Alerts: It can set alerts.

Subscribe: Users can subscribe to the report.

Note: Unlike Dashboards, Reports can change the visualization type.