Power BI Gateway bridges the gap between Power BI's cloud-based data analysis technology and on-premises data sources. The gateway application is a program that can be installed on any server in the local domain. The gateway is in charge of making the connection and passing data through it. The gateway functions as the on-premises data source's gatekeeper. The gateway is used whenever someone wants to access on-premises data from a cloud service or web application. All connection requests are attended to by the gateway, and access is then allowed in accordance with their requirements for authentication. From its on-premises location, the client has immediate access to the data and may use it to create dashboards, reports, and data analyses.

Types of Power BI Gateway

There are two types of Gateways:

  • Standard mode
  • Personal mode

Let's understand both of these On-premises data gateways

Standard mode

A link to the various on-premises data sources is made possible for many users by an on-premises data gateway. The data can be used in Microsoft Flow, Power BI, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Analysis Services, PowerApps, and other applications. By implementing this kind of data gateway, you can create direct links to several data sources. For complicated situations where several users must access various data sources, this data gateway is particularly beneficial.

Personal mode

Only one user can connect to several data sources using the specific on-premises data gateway mode. When only one person needs to access the data sources, it is useful. The user's access privileges cannot be shared with other users in order to create reports and dashboards using Power BI.

Following Table represents both of the gateway features

Feature On-premises data gateway (standard mode) On-premises data gateway (personal mode)  
Cloud services it supports: Power BI, Power apps, Azure logic apps, Azure analysis services  Power BI
serves multiple users: yes no
runs as an app for users who aren't administrators  no yes
runs as a single user with your credentials no  yes
import data yes yes
Directory  yes no
live connection to analysis services  yes no